Lighthouse Porer

Lighthouse Porer

In the middle of island Porer is a 35 meter high lighthouse named Lighthouse Porer, built in 1833 and maintained by the two lighthouse keepers. The island is 2.5 kilometers located from the mainland of Premantura. Porer represents a mystical beauty of the Adriatic sea.

You can walk around the island in just two minutes, unless you get caught by the sunset, which is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic sea.

Lighthouse Porer accommodation

On the island you can rest and sleep in one of the two apartments at a price around 100 euros /night. Minimum stay is two days. This is a great place for those who wish to get rid of the stress of everyday life and to enjoy isolated from the rest of the world. Apartments are equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.


You can enjoy swimming, reading, fishing, resting on the beach and sunbathing. Swimming is recommended only in places where boats dock, which is a total of three on the island. Otherwise the waves around the island are very strong. Just imagine yourself lying on the beach, alone or with a loved one, and enjoying the sounds of waves and seagulls, while sunlight and wind breeze across your skin.


Transport is done by boat from Premantura, which runs captain Ivan Giotto. The journey takes 25-35 minutes depending on the weather. During your stay on the island, you can arrange supply of foodstuffs or you can buy groceries in Premantura before leaving the mainland.

In any case, this is a place worth visiting. I am sure you will enjoy the peace, silence and beauty of this island, surrounded by bluish Adriatic Sea. If you’re lucky you may even see dolphins in the summer!

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