Chrystal clear sea at Cape Kamenjak

Travel tip Premantura: Nature park Cape Kamenjak

You’ll never find water that is more blue-green, clear and clean, than the one that fills the space between more than 30 bays and 11 islets of Cape Kamenjak.

Hidden from the human eye, at first glance a desert peninsula, which extends along the 30 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers broad coast, is the most southern part of Istria at the top of the cape, and its name is Kamenjak. This peninsula is a protected nature reserve, 15 kilometers south of Pula, full of diverse and endemic flora and fauna that attracts the eye with its colors and unusual shapes. Part of the mystic flora makes the pine forest on the eastern side, which envelops several secluded places to swim along the pebbly shores.

Now imagine yourself climbing a rocky terrace formed by the hands of Mother Nature, watching the clear blue sea attack the rocks with its sparkling waves. You are standing there, looking into the vast distance, and the sun’s rays shine on your tanned skin and the water splashes your feet. A deep breath of fresh, salty, sea air and…jump. You feel the water and expects to be overwhelmed with the cold waves but the sea is refreshing and gently immerse you in the most peculiar marine life. As you’d expect at the end of the world, quiet, untouched nature and you!

The beaches

Pinizule bay

Pinizule bay

Cape Kamenjak is a place where you can feel all elements of nature with all your senses, and you’ll be sure to come back.You can enjoy the beaches of Cape Kamenjak every day from 7 am to 21 pm. Since the nature park is a protected place and because of the diverse nature, there are no hotels or houses and camping is unfortunately not allowed. From Premantura you can arrive by foot or by bicycle, and so you do not pay a entrance fee, or you can get here by car paying a day ticket of 35 Kuna (4.50 Euro). You can also reach the beach with your scooter and stay for the entire day for only 20 Kuna (2.50 Euro), or maybe with your camper for 100 Kuna (13.00 Euro). Inform yourself about the monthly tickets at the official site of Cape Kamenjak. When you come to Cape Kamenjak, you will be fascinated by the Mediterranean climate and the appearance of its beaches. If you like long walks, jogging or biking, then is this nature park the right place for you. In any case, there is something for everyone. If you are coming alone or with friends, you can enjoy the flat rocky beaches suitable for capturing sunlight and getting color on your skin. Of course, there are beaches that are great for families with children. Let your children play in the water while you enjoy the sun and read your favorite book while listening to the waves of the Adriatic Sea.

TIP: Beach shoes! Because of the rocky beaches on Cape Kamenjak it is easier to walk with shoes made for the beach than barefoot. 

Flora and Fauna of Cape Kamenjak

Flora of Kamenjak

Flora of Kamenjak

When you’re already there, it is necessary to take a walk through the peninsula and look at some of the 600 species of plants, especialy the endemic Istrian kukavica and about 30 species of orchids and medicinal plants. All orchids are protected by law, and in particular the two endemic species – Sepasian istriaca Perko and Serapias x Pulae Perko. In addition to the flora, Cape Kamenjak has one of the most beautiful fauna, which marks the 50 species of butterflies, a variety of reptiles, amphibians and birds. I can not even talk about the underwater life, this is just something that has to be seen. Even if you dive in the shallow spots, you will see a large number of fishes, and if you are lucky you even see the monk seal diving between underwater passages and caves.


When visiting Cape Kamenjak you have the opportunity to try one of the many sports you can do on the peninsula. Try snorkeling, diving, kayaking or even windsurfing. Imagine yourself on a windsurfing board, feeling like a real professional, while the wind blows through your hair and the water splashes your body. If you want to be a little less active, doesn’t matter. You can still go swimming in the depths of the blue water or just lie in a shallow spot and feel the salty water massaging you.

Safari bar

Safari bar

Safari bar

After you’ve finished touring the peninsula, tired, thirsty, and maybe hungry, you should visit the safari bar and let yourself feel like in a small jungle. This is definitely a place where you will feel the exotic side of the peninsula. A place made of branches, wood floats and bamboo sticks, is the perfect place to relax during the day or evening. The bar will serve you delicious fish, calamaris, sandwiches and sangria, beer, wine, soda or water. There is a playground for children with swings a slide and table tennis. This place is really amazing and unique!

Walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs

Dinosaur model at Kamenjak

Dinosaur model at Kamenjak

If I would be at your place, I would do one more thing. I would prepare my camera and take a walk about 300 meters to the right of the western entrance to the beach. It extends a trail 600 meters long, surrounded by actual size models of dinosaurs, which makes a small Jurasic park of Cape Kamenjak. This is a perfect place for children and adults to learn something about dinosaurs. The trail leads to Cape Grakalovac which contains 12 dinosaur footprints. On the island Fenoliga, there are also about 100 dinosaur footprints and thus made the place one of the richest sites of dinosaur foot prints in the world. The island is only accessible by boat.

After you have reviewed all the beauty of Cape Kamenjak, and for one day felt like on the island of Robinson Crusoe, sit yourself on the beach and enjoy the most beautiful sunset that illuminates the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Realise how beautiful, how breathtaking, a nature park like this is and feel what it is to be at one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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  1. Sandra Wagner

    The beaches on Cape Kamenjak are stunning. We have used our bikes to explore Kamenjak, sometimes it can get dusy because of the road and the cars.

    Hope to get back next year 🙂

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