Stone Tower in Premantura

Tell me more about Premantura

This is my first post i hope you will enjoy it.

Premantura has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, the place was built on the ruins of the old Illyrian- Roman settlement, as evidenced by the remains of a rustic villa and the statue of Minerva. The statue is kept in the Archaeological Museum in Pula.

Stone tower in Premantura

Stone tower in Premantura

The nature and the beaches in Premantura are really a fantasy come true. South of the town is nature park Cape Kamenjak. The park is about 10 kilometers long and 1,5 kilometers wide. There are about 30 bays, all the bays are beautiful in their own way! Premantura is not only a lovely place for beach and nature lovers also food lovers will have a great time here, because the restaurants serve excellent fish and seafood.


Beach at Cape Kamenjak

Beach at Cape Kamenjak

Most of the beaches in Premantura are rocky beaches. You can enjoy the sun on the beach and then cool down in the sea or take a nap under a tree. The sea is crystal clear and the colors are blue and green, believe me it’s really amazing! 🙂 Premantura is one of the few destinations that has a beach specially made for blind people.

Sports and Recreation

Thanks to it’s position, its a perfect place for windsurfing. There are a couple windsurf schools where you can learn windsurfing or rent windsurf gear. The best time for windsurfing is from early summer to late autumn. In addition to windsurfing, diving, sailing, water skiing there are also tennis courts and mini golf courses. To really have an inside view of Premantura, I recommend you to take a bike and explore all the beauty this town has to offer. Don’t forget to bring a hat and water with you, because it can get really warm in the summer.

Things to see

Beside Cape Kamenjak there is also:

The church of St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovro)

The church of St. Lawrence (Sv. Lovro) – from the 17th century, located in the central square.

The stone tower

The stone tower in the middle of the central square is about 27 meters high, the tower belongs to the Church of St. Lawrence, in the past the tower has served as a landmark to sailors.

Porer lighthouse

Lighthouse Porer in Premantura

Lighthouse Porer

The lighthouse is located 2,5 kilometers from the mainland and was built in 1833. The tower of the lighthouse has a height of 35 meters. There is also a possibility to rent an apartment in the lighthouse.

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  1. Denis Cuvakovic

    Hello Benjamin,

    Great first post about Premantura. My wife and I have been visiting Premantura for almost 15 years, thoroughly enjoying each visit.



    • Hi Denis,

      Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will enjoy Premantura for many years!

      – Benjamin

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